24th May 2022
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As the old saying goes "Inform the housewife and you inform the entire family". Our program “SAKHI" aims at housewives. Through this program we plan to channelise their energies and create a platform for them where in they can exchange Information, Views, Knowledge and Ideas Leading to empowering them. For the first time in the Television history of Andhra Pradesh What would women want to know sitting at home for her and her family's betterment! How to effectively plan and manage her home, how to manage her children, family finances, how not to get cheated as a consumer, how to prepare beautiful crafts at home, how to cook new recipes, how to be legally informed, what other women are doing in the society, how to look beautiful and take care of her physique, how to dress well, how to develop one's personality and how to make effective use of there free time, how to become an entrep...

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