23rd Aug 2017
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This is the story of an upper middle class family lead by the protagonist Mr. Rajasekhar, a judge by profession. Every one likes his sincerity, honesty and gentleness. He is respected by one and all. He is a widower with six children, three boys and three girls. The only aim of Rajasekhar is to see his family happy but in his order. He want his children to walk in his foot steps exactly. The eldest person in the house is his mother, who is approached by every one in the family with problems for which she had her style of solutions. Elder son of Rajasekhar is a lawyer by profession Mr. Ranganath with out any interest for it but is in the profession only because of his father’s pressure. His wife Raagini and two children of them are also part of the family. Second son Ramesh is a lecturer and his wife archana is also in the teaching profession. A different character in the family...


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