16th Jun 2019
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It is a story about the Mysterious strong power called ugraskhathi which curses the Siri puram Jamindar family to have motherless children i;e all the women from the family will die immediate to the birth of a child. Siripuram jamindar Keerthi rayudu, in order to reduce the robberies in his place, establishes the great power “ugrashakthi’ in the temple of the village goddess (grama devatha) and makes her responsible to protect the power. Deevan who is responsible for the mishaps could not digest this move of jamindar and with the consultation of a tantrika he demoralizes the sister of keerthirayudu sudanthi, who has been given authority to do regular pooja for the ugrashakthi. In spite of regular hints given by village goddess under the influence of Deevan Sudanthi completely neglects the rituals of the Ugrashakthi. The ferocious Skathi curses the Jamindar’s family and leaves the vil...


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