26th Sep 2023
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The main concept of the story is about the role played by the wife in winning the heart of the family and how she manages the critical situations in life whole-heartedly at ease. Since in Telugu wife is considered as a precious stone namely “BHARYAMANI” the story revolves around her. Here the wives are from the families of higher class, middle class and lower middle class. Ishwarya, the main protagonist of the story, is a girl from a very rich family and very fond of a poor middle class boy Surya Narayana and wants to marry him at any cost. Surya Narayana is the backbone of the family and bears all family responsibilities on his shoulders caring his paralyzed father, struggling to arrange dowry for his married sister and money for the studies of his younger brother and sister. Surya’s sincerity and hard working nature even in hand to mouth situation is deeply admired ...

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