27th May 2020
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When someone asks, what is your favourite food?-poori,dosa,laddu,bendi fry, gulab jamoon would be the instant from this generation. But if we ask our grandparents about their food they talk about jinna mudda, Raagi sankati, aaviri kudumulu, kandi pachadi, mamidi vorugula pappu, sajja burelu, voosa biyyam,egi nvodiyalu,thaati kudumulu etc.,cooked and served in clay, ceramic,brass,copper and bronze vessels.some of these name we might not know and are getting quite rare. Civilisation could be the reason for this. Even though we are happy with our advanced civilisation, this leads to the gradual decline and eventual ruins in our traditions and our tasty authentic health food. The purpose of this programme named “Maa Voori Ruchulu”, is to introduce our ancient cuisine cooked in our traditional vessels, and an attempt to bring back our forgotten traditional food alive, some of these items...

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