17th Jan 2021
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ETV’s mega daily soap “Bandham” rolled on eternal bonds with the stroke of suspense, anxious, and emotional sentiments, which makes this serial interesting. A wealthy Jagannatha Rao, allows his relations to take care of his motherless kids, who conspires to kill Jagannatha Rao for the property, but unsuccessful, unaware relatives were in confident that, Jagannatha Rao were killed in accident and shares the property. Consequently his kids bear copious hardships from them and mature disjointedly. Now, the core saga begins with re-enter of Jagannatha Rao, who miraculously survive from accident with the consequences of clashes among the childrens and the efforts for re-attainment of his property The paternal bond strengthens the family? Will they re-unite? Will they success in re-attainment of property? Await for the closing moments ……… ...


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