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April 18, 2014
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Programme Coming Up
  Etv News
  12:00:00 Hrs.
  Health Show ®
  12:30:00 Hrs.
  Health Show ®
  12:45:00 Hrs.
  Apna UP
  13:00:00 Hrs.
ETV Uttar Pradesh - Uttarakhand
Enchanting journey of ETV UP into the heart of Uttar Pradesh is mainly due to its irresistible potpourri of information and wholesome entertainment for the whole family. The icing on the cake is channel’s unwavering commitment for its substantial responsibility to cater all tastes through a wide variety of quality programming. ETV UP telecast some special news bulletins like Khas Khabar, Apna UP, Apna Uttarkhand, Rajdhani se, News@9 and Do Took. Superstars and Superlives, Filminama, Adhure Khwab and Young Andaaz are some of the popular entertaining programmes of ETV UP – Uttarakhand.
  Apna Uttarakhand
  Daily 7:30 Hrs
   Etv News
  Mon - Sat 9:00 Hrs
  National News
  Daily 14:00 Hrs
  Apna UP
  Daily 19:00 Hrs
Special Attractions
Apna Uttarakhand

Rasoi Se
Program Image
Cookery Show for those who relish cuisines and eating, with a variety of ...
Mon - Sat at  14:30 Hrs
Program Image
Crime based recreation program with human angle.
Mon - Fri at 21:30 Hrs
Central Hall
Program Image
Election based special news programme
Mon - Fri at  20:30 Hrs
Program Image

Daily 06:30 Hrs.
Program Image
A film based show that informs from A to Z of the glamour world

Mon - Fri 23:00 Hrs.
Apna UP
Program Image
It is the voice of Uttar Pradesh containing news from all over ...

Daily at 07:00,10:00,13:00,19:00 Hrs.
Rasoi Se
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