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April 24, 2014
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  ETV News
  01:00:00 Hrs.
  Sangini ®
  01:30:00 Hrs.
  Etv News
  02:00:00 Hrs.
  Rasoi Se®
  02:30:00 Hrs.
ETV Rajasthan
In a perfect terrain with a distinctive traditional identity, ETV Rajasthan is as unique and colorful as the people of this region. From the day-one of its inception ETV Rajasthan enjoys numero uno position as a leading infotainment channel in Rajasthan. Colourful kaleidoscope of entertaining programmes and apt hourly news are some of the reasons it is the most favorite channel of Rajasthan. ETV Rajasthan delivers many programmes specially made for local viewers. Surilo Rajasthan, Mharo Rajasthan, Campus and Dastan-E-Jurm are most popular programmes just to mention a few.
  Suprabhat Rajasthan
  Daily 7:00 Hrs
  Mahro Rajasthan
  Daily 10:00 Hrs
  National News
  Daily 14:00 Hrs
  Mahro Shahar
  Daily 20:00 Hrs
Grah Nakshtra AurAap

Program Image
Every Saturday at 12:30 Hrs
Rasoi Se
Program Image
Cookery Show for those who relish cuisines and eating ...
Mon - Sat at 14:30 Hrs
U Me and Health
Program Image
U Me and Health...
Every Wed at 12:30 Hrs
Pink City
Program Image
Pink City..

Mon - Sat at 23:00 Hrs.
Dastan E Jurm
Program Image
A crime based show, not just telling about the act of crime but also...

Mon - Fri at 21:30 Hrs.
Suprabhat Rajasthan
Program Image
Rajasthan Region News Bulletin...

Daily at 07:00 Hrs.
Life Style
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