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April 24, 2014
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Programme Coming Up
  Aapnu Gujarat ®
  01:00:00 Hrs.
  Aapnu Gujarat ®
  01:05:00 Hrs.
  Matha Bhare Manjula ®
  01:30:00 Hrs.
  Aapnu Gujarat ®
  02:00:00 Hrs.
ETV Gujarati
Gujarat has its own kaleidoscope of distinctive tastes and traditions and ETV Gujarati is reflecting the same colours of the people of this vibrant state. As a complete infotainment channel in regional language, ETV Gujarati serves family centered entertainment for every age group. In its endeavor to capture the heartbeats of this happening state, its dedicated network serves the very best just to keep alive the spirit of Gujarat in changing times. For the very reason ETV Gujarati has earned tremendous respect and popularity in last eight years. Chhuta Chheda, Rasoi show, Moti Baa, Aapnu Gujarat, Saval Eklakhno are some of the most popular programmes of ETV Gujarati.
  Aapnu Gujarat
  Daily 8:00 Hrs
  National News
  Daily 13:00 Hrs
Tari Aankhno Afini
Matha Bhare Manjula

Matha Bhare Manjula
Program Image
This Serial is a most comedy...
Mon - Sat at  21:30 Hrs
Tari Aankh no afini
Program Image
ETV Gujarati is presenting the most love Story content of the season...
Mon - Sat at 22:00 Hrs
Sri Swami Narayan
Program Image
Sarvopari Shri Swami Narayan is a ....
Mon - Sat at  20:30 Hrs
Flavours of Gujarat
Program Image
Different varieties of food pertaining to different region of Gujarat.

Mon-Fri 18.30 Hrs.
Aapnu Gujarat
Program Image
A news bulletin in which we bring news...

Daily 13:30 Hrs.
ETV Samachar
Program Image
News covering major events from India...

Daily 10.00 and 13:00 Hrs.
Rasoi Show
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